Reports and Notifications

VDR Analytics
Quickly view your reports and usage in a single, easy-to-read snapshot. View logs of most active users, most viewed files, longest viewed files and recent searches.

Scheduled Reports
All reports may be set to run at regular intervals to create a complete record of activity and access throughout the life of your account. Optional email notifications are available to alert you when new reports have been run and are available for download.

Email Alerts
Set email alerts for downloads or views on a folder so that you get immediate notification of activity on your account. Enable upload alerts for users so that they will know as soon as you update documents or place new files in your data room.

Audit Trails
Click trail reporting allows you to review individual login sessions for even greater insight into how your data is being accessed. You can use this feature to see what a user opened in greater detail including how long they reviewed a given folder or viewed a file.