Virtual data rooms make complex and confidential data transfer easier, more secure, and more efficient. Whether you are conducting due diligence for a merger or acquisition, handling a private equity or venture capital deal, or managing any other complex or highly confidential transaction, a virtual data room allows you and other parties to share, review and respond to documents and data in a secure and easy-to-track manner.

Citrix ShareFile VDR helps you streamline, control and track confidential data and communications for a variety of business needs, such as:


+ efficiently and securely conduct due diligence

+ create branded deal rooms

Board Reporting

+ communicate confidentially with board members and directors

+ create secure Q&A sessions

LP/Investor Portal

+ exchange K1s, reports, distribution notices or capital calls with investors

+ respond quickly to data requests


+ market, track and secure new capital

+ track engagement and interaction with documents

Portfolio Company Portal

+ collaborate and exchange documents with your portfolio company

+ provide 24/7 access to information

Biotech licensing and research

+ protect IP and patient information

+ manage communications with licensing partners

Virtual Data Room Case Studies

Connecting a global team
As a global investment firm, Carlyle requires reliable, global access to data and easy tools that colleagues and clients with varying levels of technical skill can use. “[Citrix ShareFile Virutal Data Room is] just solid technology that works in the background. We don’t hear any complaints about it, and that’s a good thing,” said Bradford Boehm, technical project manager at The Carlyle Group.

The Carlyle Group, Washington, D.C.
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A stable M&A solution
M&A tried other virtual data room solutions, but found them overcomplicated and often unreliable. Citrix ShareFile Virtual Data Room was the simple and stable solution the firm needed. “We eliminated third party technical support costs and user support headaches once we implemented ShareFile,” said Bob Forbes, president of Forbes M&A.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Parker, Colo.
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Secure tracking for document review
NHBS specializes in business and commercial real estate brokerage and transition planning. With all associates working in home offices, the firm needed secure data access and the ability to track all interactions with documents. “Security and reliability are very important to us, and [Citrix ShareFile Virtual Data Room] fulfills both of these needs,” says Melanie Heinis, operations manager at NHBS.

New Hampshire Business Sales (NHBS), Meredith, N.H
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Safeguarding sensitive biotech data
TaiMed Biologics develops drug treatments that address health problems in underserved communities around the world. To share extremely sensitive clinical trial data and intellectual property with employees and clients around the world, TaiMed relies on Citrix ShareFile VDR.

TaiMed Biologics, Irvine, Calif.
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Citrix ShareFile Virtual Data Room is used by businesses in a variety of industries, including:

Investment Banking

Private Equity

Venture Capital

Business Brokers



Real Estate



Financial Advisors


Loan Advisors



Customers use Citrix ShareFile Virtual Data Room to house documents and communications for a variety of complex and confidential transactions, including:

Pharmaceutical data sharing

M&A sell side

M&A buy side

Distressed real estate

Commercial real estate

Fund management

Legal transactions

Fund reporting

Due diligence



Clinical Studies

Board reporting

Private equity placements

IP repository IPO’s



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